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Idaho Accountancy Pending Rule Changes

The Idaho State Board of Accountancy proposed four rule changes for the upcoming legislative session. 
The pending rule changes include:  IDAPA Rules 108, 305, 502, 606 and 617.

The Notice of Rulemaking – Adoption of Pending Rule can be found as follows:

Docket 01-0101-1801  Page 18

 Docket 01-0101-1802 Page 19

 By vote of the Board, these rules have been adopted by the agency, are published in the December 5, 2018 Idaho
Administrative Bulletin
and are now pending review by the 2019 Idaho State Legislature for final approval. 

The Board originally published a Notice of Intent to Promulgate Rules - Negotiated Rulemaking in the July 4, 2018 Administrative
Bulletin and held a Negotiated Rule meeting to discuss these rules on July 17, 2018. The rules were then voted to be adopted
as proposed rules and were published in the September 5, 2018 Administrative Bulletin.

Section 67-5224(5), Idaho Code, provides that a pending rule will become final and effective at the end of the legislative session
after it has been reviewed and approved by the legislature.

Licensing Freedom Act

Executive Order 2017-06 required State agencies to submit a report to the Office of the Governor no later
than July 1, 2018.  The report was to assess whether the licensure requirements are necessary and in the
public interest while providing recommendations for improvement, modification or elimination. 
The Boards report can be found here.
To learn more about the recommendations that came from the Licensing Freedom Act, visit the Lieutenant Governors website.

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