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All forms are available in PDF (Portable Document Format) to make them available to users on different platforms.  Some documents are also offered in Excel format.  To view and print PDF files, you will need to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader which is free software.  

If the application description is followed by the word packet, several forms are required for the process and all necessary forms are included.  It will NOT be necessary to download each individual form  Any general questions about forms required should be directed to Sandy Bly at the Board office.  Questions about a specific form can be directed to the appropriate staff member by clicking the computer icon associated with the form in the table below and sending an e-mail inquiry.


  Form Name




Verified Complaint Form
This form can be completed once it opens on your computer. Save a copy for your records and remember to sign it and have your signature notarized before you mail it to us.

Disciplinary Process


Disciplinary Process.pdf

PDF Format

PDF Format


CPE Reporting Instructions 

CPE Form Instructions.pdf

PDF Format

  CPE Reporting Form cpeweb.xls Excel
  CPE Extension Reporting Form (Excel format) CPE Extension Reporting Form.xls Excel
  CPE Extension Reporting Form (PDF format) CPE Extension Reporting Form.pdf PDF Format
  In House Certificate inhousecertificate.pdf  
  NEW Interactive Online CPE Reporting Interactive Online CPE Reporting WWW
Exam Interstate Exchange  Interstate Exchange.pdf PDF Format

CPA Exam Application Packet

(new candidates or transfer candidates)

CPA Exam.pdf PDF Format
   CPA Re-Exam Application
Candidates who last took the exam as an Idaho candidate will complete the CBT Re-Exam application.  The application process takes only a few days for a re-exam applicant.
CPA Re-Exam.pdf PDF Format
  Request for Modification (ADA) ADA.pdf PDF Format

Firm Registration Instructions 

Firm Registration Instructions.pdf

PDF Format
   Firm Registration  Renew Online Please do not e-mail or fax this form. This form must be mailed with the fee. Firm Registration.pdf PDF Format
  Peer Review Administering Organization PR Admin Org.pdf PDF Format

Professional Ethics: The AICPA's Comprehensive Course 

Order Online WWW
    CPA License Application Packet

License Application Packet.pdf

PDF Format
  Experience  Experience.pdf PDF Format
  License by Grade Transfer Grade Transfer.pdf PDF Format
   License by Reciprocity Reciprocity.pdf PDF Format
  License by Foreign Reciprocity

Foreign Reciprocity.pdf

PDF Format
  Interstate Exchange 

Interstate Exchange.pdf

PDF Format
   License Reinstatement or Re-Entry

License Reinstatement.pdf

PDF Format
  License Renewal   License Renewal.pdf PDF Format

Online License Renewal

Online License Renewal


Other ADA Requests ADA Request.pdf  
  Address Change  Online Submit address change online WWW
  Address Change E-mail Submit address change by e-mail isba
  Address Change Form 

Use the form - Address Change.pdf

PDF Format
     Name Change  Name Change.pdf PDF Format
     Mailing List Order  Mailing List.pdf PDF Format
     Criminal History Records Check  DLE.pdf PDF Format